• New From BLW - The BN Mega Freight Cars Set

    The BN Mega Freight Cars Set include:

    269 Wagons

    9 Boxcars MT & LD
    13 Tankcar MT & LD
    7 Reefers MT & LD
    27 Gondolas MT & 9 LD (gravel, small pipes, large pipes, pulpwood, ties, wires, tracks, Poles, Steel)
    12 Wood Chipper MT & LD
    8 Flat Bulkhead MT + MT with Racking + Pipes + 2 Bundles Loads & 3 Logs LD
    3 Cement Hopper Mt & LD
    3 Caboose "10305" "12023" & "12425"
    1 GN Merger Caboose "10066"

    and more

    Caboose 10038 ex: NP
    Caboose 10050 ex: NP
    Flatcar with 2 new loads (Electrics power pransformer and Poles)

    Gaetan Belanger BLW (Belanger Locomotive Work)

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