• Announcing ZDSimulator

    ZDSimulator is a new project for train operator training originally designed for Ukrainian railways. This software is used for train operator training kits. You can see one in this video.

    The software was adapted for ordinary gamers and a game version of ZDSimulator is now available on our web site. We've been here for two years and ZDSimulator is widely known in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belarus and other post soviet countries of Eastern Europe. We have recently noticed its popularity increased in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Germany and we received a lot of requests for an English version of the simulator.

    We have launched the English version of our web site this January.

    Andrew Sivets
    ZDSimulator developer team

    [The authors have asked us to open a message forum for ZDSimulator which we have now done and which can be found here.]

    1. NorthernWarrior's Avatar
      NorthernWarrior -
      Thanks for the news item and link Nels, this looks interesting.

    1. SurvivorSean's Avatar
      SurvivorSean -
      Thanks for posting this. Looks very interesting indeed.
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