• TTC OpenBVE Simulator Multiplayer Run

    T2P0 Films hosts frequent multiplayer runs in their OpenBVE TTC Academy on the Yonge-University-Spadina line: http://youtu.be/XXyo9YfPhH4. Members have an option of going for a dispatcher position or simply an operator. The run in the production was for a Class II tower promotion. Not all of our runs have this many delays!

    The runs take place over a Teamspeak server and are managed using radio based control. Although a multiplayer system would be more realistic, radio based control, which is currently used, allows more room for role play and greater tower responsibilities.

    All events and operations in this run are fictional. This is not a representation of actual TTC operations.

    Join our academy here: http://t2p0films.tk/TTC/signup.php.

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      waterburn -
      We will be having runs all week long starting tonight at 10 PM. New operators this is your chance to join us for a training session.
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      waterburn -
      Another one of our runs:

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      waterburn -
      Sign up here: ttcacademy.t2p0films.ca/signup.php
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