• New From BLW: The MILW Freight Pack

    The pack includes:

    22 engines

    56 Wagons

    2 Cabooses

    3 GP9 "276" "277" & "279"

    2 F7A "85a" & "85c"

    1 F7B "85b"

    3 SD7 "501" "502" & "505"

    3 SD10 "532" "534" & "543"

    3 RS3 "464" "466" & "470"

    2 RSC2 "596" & "597"

    3 RSD5 "570" "572" & "575"

    2 S2 "850" & "852"

    6 Boxcars, Load, Empty

    4 Gondola, empty, Tubes x 2, Poles

    5 Flatcars, empty, Poles, Woods, Electical Transformer

    4 Cover Hopper, Load & Empty

    2 Caboose "992300" & "992301"

    Original Cab & Sound

    Gaetan Belanger BLW (Belanger Locomotive Work)


    1. trainman_47's Avatar
      trainman_47 -
      Now will you PLEASE consider doing an MKT set?
    1. gbel2001's Avatar
      gbel2001 -
      I will check what pictures i can find

    1. davidlk's Avatar
      davidlk -
      I have other BLW sets and they are all good but this set is outstanding...
    1. Paul112554's Avatar
      Paul112554 -
      I love your stuff...even bought the NYC set (the one with the coal & covered hoppers) not too long ago. And I'd be inclined to purchase MORE if sets were offered that are more freight car orientated.

      Believe me, I have soooo many locomotives that I actually run "Power Lites" without fear of duplicating numbers!!! (((LOL)))

      Of course, I would suggest the Penn Central & Conrail merger years. Cars should be new (or freshly out-shopped), and lightly weathered but NOT neglected. Ohhhhh and PLEASEEEEEE no "graffiti"..... :P

      These sets should include the NYC/PC/CR N-7 to N-21 & "transfer" caboose, Flexi-Flo & ACF hoppers, coil cars, 50 & 60 ft. auto parts cars, "open" auto-racks...in other words, the cars NOT available for free on the TrainSim site.
    1. betamax's Avatar
      betamax -
      yes....I will also like to see some freshly painted units
    1. mikeaday's Avatar
      mikeaday -
      Definitely need MKT!!!!!!
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