• RAS - Frankfort to Redmont - Strabane Line Released

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    This line is the first part of a line that, at the end, will be more than 160 miles in length (260 km). The main station is situated around the city of Frankfort. You can travel on the high-speed line (HSR), or on the secondary line, which is equipped with the third electrified rail.

    The high speed line will take you from the city of Frankfort to the city of Strabane where there is an important electric plant (coal and nuclear). The secondary line will take you from Frankfort to Redmont. A big coal mine is situated at Baltimore.

    Line Frankfort / Strabane: line is double track electrified, authorizing train traffic at 125 mph and allowing fast trains traffic for InterCitys. This line offers big flexibility due to electric traction and to its speed. Furthermore, you will have to drive heavy freight trains, in particular coal for the electric power plant.

    Line Frankfort / Redmont: line is doubled with a third electrified rail, authorizing train traffic up to 90 mph. This line is more classic and is connected to the regional traffic traveller serving towns. You will have do to the activities proposed to you, or those that will be proposed to you in the future, which include driving diesel trains or electric (class type 300).

    Finally the station of Frankfort is the main link. You can pass from the high speed line to the secondary line without any trouble. But pay attention and respect the speed restrictions and your junctions. Everything will not be automatic for you!

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      anandkanna -
      Thank you Mr Nels Anderson,
      When is it coming out, congrats
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