• Vizzart - BR 103 Verkehrsrot Released

    Buy Here

    This Train Simulator 2013 add-on brings you the the BR 103 in the "Verkehrsrot" (traffic red) design. It has dynamic numbers and ships with Quickdrive Consists for the Railsimulator.com Hagen-Siegen, Munich-Augsburg and Hamburg-Hannover routes.

    Please note that this package includes the engine only. The cars seen are integrated in the routes.


    • Class 103 with modern cabview and dynamic night lighting
    • Quickdrive for Hagen - Siegen, Munich - Augsburg and Hamburg - Hanover (IC / IR)
    • Bilingual manual (Deutsch / English)


    Learn More Here

    1. Bananarama's Avatar
      Bananarama -
      "...you do not have permission to access this page."
    1. NorthernWarrior's Avatar
      NorthernWarrior -
      Now just dead link.

      I have a bit of a thing for DB 103's (in fact most DB locos) but it would be nice to have seen it in the classic Cream/Turquoise livery and with some typical D-Train coaches (BM232, BM234 etc.).

      Also TBH these days I prefer to purchase add-ons via Steam as it's all under one roof and no need to keep separate archives around the place.
    1. ex-railwayman's Avatar
      ex-railwayman -
      I don't think this will be on Steam Vern, as the creator is only selling it for $8.95, hardly worth the commission and everything else for such a small offering, It's only 20mb in size as well.

      Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
    1. Mikosch's Avatar
      Mikosch -
      There was no cream/turquoise BR103 @NW, only cream/red. Unfortunately, might have looked good in blue.

      We have some livery mess here anyway. Picture says and shows orient red, title says traffic red. That's something different.

    1. a1984623837's Avatar
      a1984623837 -
    1. mjoliver's Avatar
      mjoliver -
      VR charges VAT which is annoying.

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