• Dekosoft Trains: Back on Track

    Dekosoft Trains is back on track!

    We offer detailed add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator and Open Rails, and will be re-releasing our former payware products including locomotive and rolling stock sets with custom cab views and sounds. CSX and Union Pacific Super Sets are now available, more to follow.

    Replay your favorites for free at:


    Like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DekosoftTrains and keep up with the latest developments.

    1. trainsimklaus's Avatar
      trainsimklaus -
      presumed to be dead ones live longer
    1. shalako's Avatar
      shalako -
      Just because the parent abandons the child doesn't mean it will die. Funny how Microsoft keeps on doing stupid stuff and the masses still believe them. MSTS and MSFS just keep on going sort of like the energizer bunny.
    1. flamesmarvin's Avatar
      flamesmarvin -
      Have already downloaded these packs and ran an activity a few minutes ago. Lovin it so much. A wonderful product indeed. Long live msts.
    1. TRAIN711's Avatar
      TRAIN711 -
      Welcome back i still have the super packs i got long ago glad your back hope your can make some amtrak locomotives i notes that thers a lot of train simers out ther asking for amtrak p30ch and old gp9 amtrak yard locos and its been yers no one has do one of p30ch aka the pooch lolwelcome back ill be looking out for your new locos
    1. Lonewolf2777's Avatar
      Lonewolf2777 -
      Will wait for the NW,Sou and NS units.
    1. Claude350's Avatar
      Claude350 -
      The SDP40F would be nice also.
    1. 500emddie's Avatar
      500emddie -
      Canadian National SD40-2 Pack would be nice also
    1. dredick's Avatar
      dredick -
      Quote Originally Posted by 500emddie View Post
      Canadian National SD40-2 Pack would be nice also
      Chip never had these, and insofar as I can tell, is only re-releasing previous Dekosoft payware at this point.
    1. stewy's Avatar
      stewy -
      Welcome back Dekosoft, have only been doing MSTS for 6 months but have read a lot about your quality products. I believe there is a BN Pack, cant wait.
    1. ddcat2004's Avatar
      ddcat2004 -
      I can't wait for the SP and Leased engines to be released. Also the Chessie and Seaboard System and L&N and B&O and C&O and others. I have the Archive CD but I can't wait for those and others to be re-released. Also Conrail. There is one that I have been waiting to get. The Southern Pacific SD40 or SD40-2 7326.
    1. bertnm's Avatar
      bertnm -
      Yay Dekosoft!!! till have my old files and am looking forward to new items. Welcome back!
    1. Lonewolf2777's Avatar
      Lonewolf2777 -
      Waiting for the old freeware car packs the coil cars and the HI cubes and there GP35 that also includes there roadrailers that were shown but not released by them at the time.
    1. dredick's Avatar
      dredick -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lonewolf2777 View Post
      Waiting for the old freeware car packs the coil cars and the HI cubes and there GP35 that also includes there roadrailers that were shown but not released by them at the time.
      Not to take anything away from what Chip is doing now, but the 86' box cars and cushioned coil set are still available through the Wayback Machine.
    1. Lonewolf2777's Avatar
      Lonewolf2777 -
      Update from Dekosoft from Facebook Burlington Northern Santa Fe Super Set v.2

      Reissued set for MSTS and Open Rails, coming May 2014
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