• Product Updates For Railway Station Master

    Rsmgame.com - Railway Station Master 2 Released

    Rsmgame.com has announced the release of Railway Station Master 2 -- a well-designed interesting railway dispatching game ever made. The full version includes mount Clare, Baltimore Penn and Philadelphia 30th street station of USA.

    The version 2 has lots of major updates, improvements and bug fixes.

    Performance improvements:

    • Smoother UI experience than version 1.0

    New Features:

    • Added an interactive in-game tutorial helping you be familiar with the game operation, it is a complete replacement for the old way of video training. Refer to "Your Training School" station for more.
    • Added a new test feature named scenery view, now you can view trains in 2D side view.
    • Train drawings have been significantly improved, now they have large view in scenery.
    • Added a danger approval feature for services. Now services can enter same occupied block with danger approval.
    • Re-designed operation UI giving you larger screen space to dispatch.
    • To have better graphic performance, user can choose directX or OpenGL to launch the game.

    About Railway Station Master

    Railway Station Master simulates world-famous railway station layouts and station timetable. Players can enter their favorite railway station as a train dispatcher to operate the dispatching work daily, which includes trains inbound and outbound control, origination, path arrangement, reasonable use of platform or yard resource and providing instructions to trains. You could also process lots of temporary events and complete a serial of tasks to gain Experience Points, achieving the game objective.

    Players will both face the busy complex dispatching job and process the station emergencies. The stations from different cities have diversified histories, so random simulated historical moments will appear. You may experience the defining moment of the history or listen to the history story from a railway station's perspective.

    Key Features

    • Simulate the dispatching desktop. LED lights abstraction for track occupation state.
    • Simulation of the signal system. Lights are categorized to four types: red, blinking yellow, yellow and green.
    • 2D scenery view for stations. Users can view trains in 2D mode under your dispatching.
    • Full function of train control, including coupling, decoupling, train movement instructions, platform arrangement.
    • Snow plows dispatching in snowing day. Train's maintenance, watering and fueling jobs.
    • Many famous station track maps included: Mount Clare, Baltimore Penn, Philadelphia 30th Street.
    • Support train thumbnail; Continual updates of new train images to make your gaming filling with visual enjoyment
    • Powerful and interesting activity system to enhance your dispatching experience
    • In game score system called EXP(Experience Point) to evaluate your dispatching skill
    • Continual updates of new stations and new activities to keep you surprising

    You can play the trial version for free for 15 days. Downloads are available at www.rsmgame.com. Updates will be automatically delivered to previously installed users (Both trial and purchased).

    The Railway Station Master Team
    Site: http://www.rsmgame.com
    Forum: http://www.rsmgame.com/forum

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    1. rvd2247's Avatar
      rvd2247 -
      i downloaded this game and installed it but its not getting started !
      i need it to play so any one can help
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