• MatrixTrains Releases Bulleid Coach Set

    Just released from MatrixTrains for TrainSimulator2014, the British Southern Railway Bulleid 63'5" Coach Set. Eleven coaches supplied in three liveries. Southern Bulleid Malachite Green, BR Crimson & Cream and BR(S) Green. Thats 32 individual coaches in all.

    Coach types in the pack include:


    Brake Composite (BC), Semi Open Brake Third (SOBT), Corridor Composite(CC), Corridor First (CF)

    Corridor Third (CT), Open Saloon Third (OST).


    Semi Open Brake Third (SOBT), Open Saloon Third (OST), Kitchen Dining Third (KDT), Corridor Dining First (CDF), Corridor Composite (CC)

    Three separate passenger views in the SOBT, OST and CC.

    Quick Drive enabled with pre-configured consists for a selection of locos.

    Trainsimulator2014 compatible with custom sounds and couplings and no Kuju dependencies.

    Available for download from http://matrixtrains.myminto.com/.

    Manual included in installation and can be viewed and downloaded from http://www.scribd.com/doc/211802379/Mt-Bulleid-Coach-Manual.

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