• FSP-01: HEA Hoppers - Post BR

    FSP-01: HEA Hoppers - Post BR

    An expansion for Train Simulator 2014.

    Fastline Simulation have released their latest expansion for Train Simulator 2014 featuring HEA coal hoppers in the privatised era and it is now available to buy exclusively from their web site.

    Priced at just £3.00 the pack contains a selection of HEA hoppers in a variety of post privatisation liveries.

    HEA Hoppers were originally built by British Rail to bring the house and industrial coal business into the Speedlink air braked network and follows on from the existing HBA/HEA Hoppers expansion for Train Simulator 2014 from Fastline Simulation to complete the HEA hopper story through to the present day.

    This Train Simulator 2014 expansion features versions of the hoppers in clean and weathered versions of Mainline, Loadhaul, Transrail, faded Railfreight red and grey and maroon and gold liveries, these are further supplemented by loaded and empty variations with matching physics.

    The end of a train isn't complete without a tail lamp and the hoppers are supplied with rear versions carrying both early and later models of battery flashing tail lamps where appropriate. The models themselves have also seen modifications in a similar fashion to their real life counterparts over the past 25 years.

    The expansion is completed with a two part scenario for the Settle to Carlisle route (available separately) which will allow you to use the wagons in Train Simulator 2014 straight away and a comprehensive manual in the style of a period document.

    With a price of £3.00 the stock pack offers great value and can only be bought from www.fastline-simulation.co.uk as a download product.

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