• Dovetail Games Announces Train Simulator 2015

    Train Simulator 2015

    Dovetail Games, publisher and developer of the leading
    train simulation game Train Simulator, has today announced the next
    installment in the series. In the development of Train Simulator
    2015, Dovetail Games has worked closely with train builders Hitachi
    Rail Europe Ltd to include a highly accurate recreation of their new
    Class 800/801 trains.

    As part of the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) Hitachi Rail
    Europe will provide new electric and bi-mode trains for the Great
    Western Main Line and East Coast Main Line. These are expected to go
    into passenger service in 2018, but thanks to Train Simulator 2015,
    rail fans can get behind the controls and start driving them right

    "We're delighted to be working with Dovetail Games and excited to
    see how they have brought the Class 800/801 to life in their
    software." Said Andy Barr, Chief Operating Officer from Hitachi Rail
    Europe, "As leaders in innovation we're always looking for partners
    that share our passion for design and technology and we can't wait to
    see how Train Simulator 2015 users enjoy the experience of driving
    our train."

    Train Simulator 2015 will give players the opportunity to drive
    some of the world's most powerful high-speed trains on three iconic
    routes from around the globe.

    Routes & Content:

    London to Peterborough East Coast Main Line route, including the
    First Capital Connect Class 365 plus Hitachi Class 800/801 trains.

    New York to New Haven North East Corridor route
    including the Amtrak ACS-64 plus Amtrak Acela Express trains.

    Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirschen route
    including the DB BR 426 plus DB 411 ICE T trains.

    Learn More Here

    1. vicmoreo's Avatar
      vicmoreo -
      That fine But I want more realistic Engines with the start up shut down for the ones I have all ready. The only one is the Gp-20 that has the control panel in back of the engine to start up and shut down that I like a lot. And all so wish they make the depress flatcar with load. And the 10,000 gallon tank car I wood make them. But I not a programmer. And they don't have the TSM that was made for MSTS. for this simulator. One hand I happy with the train sim. But not happy about the start up shut down that are not with the other engines and some of the older freight cars.
    1. Boyerm25's Avatar
      Boyerm25 -
      I want this forum to become less biased.
    1. benarster's Avatar
      benarster -
      ask the fans of the world improved sounds, we want to be more and more realistic, the rest is perfect
    1. dennis4225's Avatar
      dennis4225 -
      I bought this game a week ago, as I wanted to add a lot of traffic around me on the NY - New Haven corridor. The experience was a nightmare, and I'm returning everything. Working with the on-line game player Steam is the worst decision ever made. The customer service in handling software problems is virtually non-existent, and the equipment available for importing from TrainSim is NOT possible, as the limited amount of add-on equipment for TS2015 is for sale, not free. Bottom line, I'm absolutely disgusted and let down.