• Abacus Announces Scenic Railway

    Abacus Announces Scenery Railway

    Developers Mark Branscum and Lonnie Perkins have poured on their creative juices to make this imaginative railway. You'll start out from Capital City - a place that looks strickingly similar to all cities. Your task is to pick up and drop off the industrial products made at various factories located in rural areas close to the natural resources. You'll drive the powerful SD-40s from the yard, along the river to the dam and "up the hill" to your destination.

    The scenery is second to none and the activites will challenge your driving skills. It's ready to roll beginning May 31st. Suggested price is $29.95.

    For more information, please visit the TrainSimulatorWorld site.

    You can order one of the following ways:

    Online - go to TrainSimulatorWorld and click Order.

    Phone - call our toll free line 1-800-451-4319 (US & Canada) during our normal business hours Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM Eastern time. Please call 616/698-0330 from outside of North America.

    Don't Miss These Other New Add-ons

    Casino Express - Maglev - It's a prototype of a magnetic levitation transport that connects Southern Califorina with exciting Las Vegas. You'll fly across the desert floor at speeds up to 300 mph to reach the glittering Vegas strip. Coming in July. For more information see Casino Express - Maglev 2005 web page.

    Train Sim Modeler. Make your own trains and 3D scenery with this powerful, easy to use design software. Available by convenient download or retail box. For more information please see Train Sim Modeler web page.

    For more information, users can visit our site at Train Simulator World.

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