• BLW Releases GP30 East Pack

    BLW GP30 East Pack

    For MSTS and Open Rails from BLW: The GP30 East Pack.

    The BLW GP30 East Pack includes 25 engines:

    • B&O GP30 "6972" "6973" & "6974"
    • WMSR GP30 "501" & "502"
    • PC GP30 "2193" "2195" & "2196" ex: NYC
    • PC GP30 "2218" "2219" & "2229" ex: PRR
    • SAL GP30 "500" "503" & "505"
    • SCL GP30 "1322" "1324" & "1332"
    • L&N GP30 "1031" "1045" & "1048"
    • NW GP30 "529" "534" & "539" High Nose
    • NW GP30 "2905" & "2906"

    All with custom new turbo sounds and custom cab.

    Gaetan Belanger
    BLW (Belanger Locomotive Work)


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