• BLW Releases GP30 West Pack Part 1 And 2

    BLW GP30 West Pack 1

    For MSTS and Open Rails from BLW: The GP30 West Pack Part 1 and Part 2.

    GP30 West Pack 1

    The BLW GP30 West Pack 1 includes 20 engines:

    • CNW GP30 "804" "805" & "807"
    • DRGW GP30 "3001" "3010" "3011" & "3013"
    • SP GP30 "5010" "5011" & "5016"
    • SSW GP30 "5002" "5003" & "5004"
    • UP GP30 "475" "483" & "487"
    • UP GP30B "702B" & "703B"
    • UP GP30B "730B" & "734" with steam Generator

    All with custom new turbo sounds and custom cab.

    GP30 West Pack 2

    BLW GP30 West Pack 2

    The BLW GP30 West Pack 2 includes 22 engines

    • BN GP30 "2222" "2223" & "2232"
    • CB&Q GP30 "940" "942" & "945"
    • ATSF GP30 "2710" "2715" & "2718" War Bonnet
    • ATSF GP30 "2733" "2759" & "2775" Red War Bonnet
    • ATSF GP30 "1267" & "1273"
    • GN GP30 "3011" "3012" & "3013"
    • GN GP30 "3005" & "3008" Big Blue Sky
    • MILW GP30 "1001" "1002" & "1006"

    All with custom new turbo sounds and custom cab.

    Gaetan Belanger
    BLW (Belanger Locomotive Work)


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