• Story Of Forest Rail Released

    Story of Forest Rail

    Union Workshop brings you the unique Story of Forest Rail for Train Simulator 2015! The route is based on the original Furusato Ginga Line in Hokkadio, Japan with the landscape and route placement the same as that route but with changed station names and a new fictional town to allow the telling of the story of the route through the scenarios.

    This beautiful route, adorned with custom-built Japanese objects, includes 15 stations and has one main line and one branch line, with a total length of around 135 km.

    Two very distinctive rail vehicles are included to drive, the Kiha 750 and the other is a surprise!

    The route employs Japanese signalling and there are all-new 3D passenger figures to see on the platforms!

    Five Standard, five Career and four Free Roam scenarios make up this unique route.

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    1. NorthernWarrior's Avatar
      NorthernWarrior -
      See my pocket review in the thread about this route on the discussion forum...


      One thing to add to that - the route/traction also uses the godawful default Kuju snaredrum track sound which, on top of the rasping Kiha, does not help in achieving aural nirvana.