• BLW Announces GM&O Pack

    BLW Announces GM&O Pack

    For MSTS and Open Rails from BLW: The GM&O Pack.

    The GM&O Pack includes:

    • 27 engines
    • 13 passenger cars
    • 34 freight cars
    • 1 caboose


    • F3A "800B" "801B" & "806B"
    • F3B "B61"
    • FP3A "807B" "880A" "881A" "883A" & "884A"
    • FP3B "B81" & "B82"


    • F7A "812A" & "813A"
    • F7B "B72"


    • E7A "100" "101" "102" & "103"


    • FA1 "728" & "730"
    • FB1 "B24"


    • RS1 "1113" & "1115"
    • RS3 "1515" & "1518"
    • S2 "10" & " 11"


    • Caboose "2622"


    Passenger cars:

    • Baggage/RPO "52" Heavy Weight
    • Coach "5801" "5802" & "5804"
    • Parlor "5930" "5931" "5932" & "5933"
    • Tavern/lounge "5800" & "5803"
    • Diner "5700"
    • Obs/Lounge Ann Lutledge "5998" & Abraham Lincoln "5999"


    Freight cars:

    • Cover Hopper "80033" & "80601" load and empty
    • Cover Hopper airslide "85007" & "85019" load and empty
    • Pulpwood Flatcar "3866" "3894" & "4102" load and empty
    • Boxcars 40' "21224" "22318" "24945" "26911" "27018" "427758" & "427863"Loaded and Empty
    • Boxcars 50' "55011" "55349" & "59370"
    • all with empty open doors


    All with custom sounds, custom cab and night cab, all with virtual cab.

    You will have consists ready.

    Gaetan Belanger
    BLW (Belanger Locomotive Work)


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