• SteamTRAIN 5 Released

    SteamTRAIN 5

    Nostalgic Software has announced the release of FREE
    SteamTRAIN 5 for both Win PCs and Intel Macs. This steam locomotive
    and train simulator puts players in the roles of the train engineer
    (driver) and crew of a late 1800's era steam train.

    Your train will travel between stations, up and down grades,
    negotiate curves, switch tracks, and couple/uncouple cars. Simple
    keyboard/mouse controls include the throttle, boiler pressure,
    traction sand, air brakes, manual couplers, and track switches. A
    mixed-weather option includes clear skies, rain, or snow plus
    day/night -- all in one run. Spectacular crashes possible with full
    recovery. The basic Setup Mode (sandbox) allows learning, creative
    challenges and freelance experiments.

    MailTrain Mode offers speed/schedule challenges. Starting from
    the east or west terminal, your job is to pickup and deliver mail and
    newspapers to all stations along the route. Your schedule is based
    on chosen degrees of difficulty: number of cars, weather, steepness
    of slopes, speed of other trains, consumables, etc. Phantom Express
    trains appear and vanish several times during a run. High scores are
    maintained for local competition.

    Dispatcher Mode offers hours of real train operation challenges.
    At one terminal, you select locomotive(s) from the roundhouse using
    the turntable. Then assemble the marked cars into a passenger,
    freight or mixed train. Travel to opposite terminal picking up and
    dropping off cars along the way to attain a score. Several options
    add difficulty such as steep grades, mixed weather, plus number and
    types of cars. An opposing Robo train launches from the opposite
    terminal. High scores, settings, and play can be saved.

    To download a Win PC or Mac full version of SteamTRAIN 5, head
    over to the web site NostWare.com. Help and Controls files are
    separate RTF downloads for possible translation and/or printing. If
    you enjoy running ST 5, an optional Donate Button is available.

    SteamTRAIN 5


    1. RJamison's Avatar
      RJamison -
      Does anyone know what happened to this game? I've had it downloaded and on my laptop for a year. It suddenly quick working. So, I decided to delete it, and re-download it. The website www.nostware.com no longer functions. It won't even load. The IP address cannot be found.

      Just curious as to what happened? I rather enjoyed the game.
    1. CTarana45's Avatar
      CTarana45 -
      I still have a copy of Steam Train 5! I was waiting for ST6 to be released and looking for a copy of 4.0!