• BLW Announces Chicago Great Western Freight Pack

    BLW announces the Chicago Great Western Freight Pack.

    BLW Chicago Great Western Freight Pack

    The BLW CGW Freight Pack includes:

    18 Engines

    • GP30 "201" "202" & "204"
    • GP7 "121"
    • GP9m "120" ex:GP7
    • F3A "101-C" & "107-C"
    • F3B "103-B"
    • F5A "113-A"
    • F7B "107-D" "114-B" & "114-D"
    • RS2 "51" & "52"
    • S1 "12" & "14"
    • TR2A & TR2B "63" (cow-calf)

    24 Cars

    • Tankcars "253" "257" "262" & "285" empty and loaded
    • Boxcars "5259" "5450" & "5783" empty and loaded
    • Cover Hoppers "21" & "22"
    • Flatcars "3011" & "3015" empty and loaded (logs & Pipes)

    2 Caboose

    • Caboose Bay "626"
    • Caboose "603"

    All with custom sounds, custom cab and night cab. We hope you enjoy this new set from BLW!

    Gaetan Belanger
    BLW (Belanger Locomotive Work)


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