• Aerosoft - Berlin - Leipzig for TS2016

    Aerosoft - Berlin - Leipzig for TS2016

    The route Berlin-Leipzig for the Train Simulator is a continuation
    of our well known route Berlin-Wittenberg allowing a continuous route
    from Berlin to Leipzig which is a very important line. Discover the
    approx. 195 km of electrified main line from Berlin Hauptbahnhof
    (main station) to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof. We have also included the
    branch to the new airport of Berlin-Brandenburg. Sadly this airport
    has not been opened yet in the real world. Adding to that is a
    stretch of 18 km of the Berlin S-Bahn including original AI trains
    and rolling stock as well as parts of the Leipzig Tram network, again
    with original AI trains and rolling stock.

    Today this route is one of the most important train lines in
    Germany allowing speeds up to 200 km/h. Though being a modern line
    there are still many traces of the past to the left and right, signal
    boxes, station buildings, old depots. We have tried to capture this
    flair in this add-on.

    Enjoy the cities and landscapes, beautiful nights and a great big
    sky above Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony on one of the
    most important train routes of Germany.


    • 195km twin-track, electrified main line from Berlin Central Station (low level) to Leipzig Main Station

    • branch line to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (which obviously is not yet the case in real life)

    • 18km S-Bahn line including rolling stock from TTB for AI trains

    • 46 detailed stations / stops

    • Depot Bw Wittenberg with extensive shunting possibilities, diesel petrol station, coal bunker and water crane

    • Yard Grossbeeren with several connections for shunting scenarios and container loading

    • about 900km track in all

    • detailed Ks-signalling system

    • Including PZB (500/1000/2000Hz magnets) by virtual Railroads

    • LZB from Railtraction.eu

    • Mileposts every 200m

    • Superelevation

    • Customised 3D vegetation

    • Detailed, very meticulously animated night effects

    • Tram in Leipzig including rolling stock for AI traffic

    • Highly recognizable simulation / realistic landscape

    • Rolling stock IC and double-decker coach RE160 with matrix display

    • 9 scenarios

    • Quick Drive scenarios


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