• BLW Releases SD35 Pack

    BLW SD35 pack

    New from BLW is the SD35 Pack.

    The BLW SD35 Pack includes:

    36 Engines:

    • 3 SD35 B&O "7402" "7402" & "7406"
    • 1 SD35 B&O "7402" with front open door
    • 3 SD35 B&O Chessie "7411" "7412" & "7415"
    • 1 SD35 B&O Chessie "7411" with front open door
    • 3 SD35 L&N "1200" "1201" & "1203"
    • 1 SD35 L&N "1200" with front open door
    • 3 SD35 PC "6010" "6015" & "6016"
    • 1 SD35 PC "6010" with front open door
    • 3 SD35 WM "7432" "7433" & "7434"
    • 1 SD35 WM "7432" with front open door
    • 3 SD35 SCL "1900" "1902" & "1903"
    • 1 SD35 SCL "1900" with front open door
    • 3 SD35 ACL "1000" "1001" & "1002"
    • 1 SD35 ACL "1000" with front open door
    • 3 SD35 SP "6915" "6921" & "6923"
    • 1 SD35 SP "6915" with front open door
    • 3 SD35 NW "1502" "1503" & "1505"
    • 1 SD35 NW "1502" with front open door

    All with custom turbo sounds and custom cab.

    We hope you enjoy this new set from BLW!

    Gaetan Belanger
    BLW (Belanger Locomotive Work)


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    1. Grantt's Avatar
      Grantt -
      It sure features great specs and does look good.
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