• Train Sim World: Rapid Transit Out Now


    Train Sim World®: Rapid Transit is an all new First-Person
    Simulator that brings to life the experience of driving rapid transit
    commuter passenger trains on one of Germany's most popular S-Bahn
    railways. Take control of the sleek DB BR 1442 'Talent 2' and
    transport passengers along the S-Bahn S2-Line through the historic and
    picturesque city of Leipzig.

    The DB BR 1442 'Talent 2', known more common simply as the DB BR
    442, was first introduced onto European soil in 2011 as an evolution
    of the previous 'Talent' electric and diesel multiple units. Despite
    sharing names however, the two families of units are most distinct
    with the Talent 2 offering improved crash safety, better performance,
    and all-round more widespread service potential.

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      sandiptsk -
      how to install tis route
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      how to install tis route
      It works like any other product you buy from Steam; it pretty much gets installed automatically.