• Just Trains - Valley Corridor Route for TS2018

    Just Trains - Valley Corridor Route for TS2018

    Valley Corridor Route for Train Simulator is a fictional mountain
    route that runs between two large cities, both of which sit on
    plateaus. The route is used for stopping and express passenger runs as
    well by freight trains. There are numerous lakes below the route,
    making it a very scenic and spectacular route to drive. Its maximum
    line speed is 125 MPH, which is applicable towards its southern

    In the central section of this overhead electrified route is a
    spectacular S-shaped section where the track weaves around two

    Valley Corridor Route features 16 stations, most with freight
    yards, and has numerous custom assets. The route is Quick Drive
    enabled and comes with 20 Standard scenarios giving you the option of
    driving with default Train Simulator stock or or add-on DLC stock.

    Important! If you purchased Train Simulator after 20th September
    2012 you will require the European Loco & Asset Pack (available to
    purchase via Steam) for the route to display correctly.

    Route Features

    • Route class: Non-prototypical

    • Route length: 100 miles approx.

    • 16 stations

    • Beautifully detailed and immersive mountainous scenery

    • Includes 20 Standard scenarios

    • Quick Drive enabled

    • Custom-built stations

    • Many custom built buildings and objects


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