• America's Busiest Commuter Route Coming To TSW

    TSW - Long Island Railroad

    Long Island Rail Road available now for Pre-order on Steam.

    Experience America's busiest commuter railroad and all the bustle
    and challenges of railroading in New York City in Train Sim World:
    Long Island Rail Road.

    It's your job to deliver New York area commuters to work and back
    home, calling at a total of 26 LIRR stations. Imagine the excitement
    and challenges as you navigate LIRR and make your way across America's
    biggest Rail junction at Jamaica, or along lines that carry more than
    350,000 passengers every weekday.

    Whether you're at the controls of a LIRR M7, riding along, or
    watching the show from trackside, experience all the sights and sounds
    of American commuter railroading at its bustling best.

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    1. prince emerald's Avatar
      prince emerald -
      now you are literly in my backyard as I actualy live 1/2 a mile from the station of Mineola