• Train Simulator 2020 Is Out Now On Steam

    Train Simulator 2020 - TS2020

    Train Simulator 2020 out now on Steam, featuring exclusive new
    route and visual enhancements.

    Chatham, Kent - 19th September 2019: Train Simulator 2020 is now
    available on PC, alongside a free update for existing users.

    Train Simulator 2020 is the latest installment in Dovetail's Train
    Simulator series, keeping the train collectors' dream alive for more
    than a decade, featuring a new and exclusive route alongside two of
    the best routes from the last year. All routes include multiple
    authentic locomotives, stunning scenery, engaging scenarios, and an
    academy to help new players get up to speed. Underpinned by carefully
    calibrated designs, controls, and engine mechanics Train Simulator
    2020 is the best way to grow (or start!) your rail collection.

    Train Simulator 2020 - TS2020

    Take to the tracks along the Danube Valley as the Nuremberg and
    Regensburg Bahn comes exclusively to Train Simulator 2020 with a trio
    of locomotives performing classic Bavarian freight and passenger
    operations. Also included are the Norfolk Southern N-Line and the
    South Western Main Line: Southampton - Bournemouth, giving players
    routes from around the world to get to grips with.

    Realism and authenticity are the hallmarks of a successful sim and
    with a new Visual Enhancement Update Train Simulator 2020 is ready to
    shine! This free update will give all Train Simulator players the
    ability to control a wide range of visual enhancements, from adaptive
    bloom to depth of field, with filters such as a CRT effect for
    period-specific simming (or just for fun)! Whether you're playing the
    latest routes or exploring your collection, there's new life along the

    Train Simulator 2020 - TS2020

    Key Features

    • Three true-to-life routes from around the world: the exclusive
      Nuremberg & Regensburg Bahn from Germany, the United States' Norfolk
      Southern N-Line and a section of Britain's South Western Main Line,
      between Southampton to Bournemouth.

    • A collection of new settings allows drivers to personalize their
      experience with improved control over depth of field, contrast,
      ambient occlusion, adaptive bloom, and others. Special filters are
      also available to give a particular kind of experience - for example,
      Sepia, Black, and White or CRT overlays.

    • 9 authentic Diesel and Electric locomotives to master, including
      the N-Line's Norfolk Southern EMD GP40-2, the South Western Main
      Line's BR Class 444 and the DB BR 185.2 which runs along the Nuremberg
      and Regensburg Bahn.

    • Also includes the steam-powered Peppercorn-class a€_Blue
      Peter' for a classic and challenging trip along the South Western Main
      Line, contending with all the complexity of this historic engine.

    • 200km of lovingly crafted tracks to run along, featuring beautiful
      neo-Gothic architecture, complex and imposing industrial depots,
      classic countryside scenes and inner-city sprawl.

    • With hundreds of different routes and locomotives and thousands
      more available for free on the Steam Workshop, there is an infinite
      variety of scenarios, challenges, and operations to experience.

    Train Simulator 2020 - TS2020

    Train Simulator 2020 is out now for Windows PC via digital download
    on the Train Simulator Steam page.

    Train Simulator Steam Page


    Train Simulator 2020 - TS2020

    About Dovetail Games

    Dovetail Games was launched in 2013. Previously trading as
    RailSimulator.com Ltd, the business launched in 2009 initially
    producing and marketing PC game Train Simulator. Today Dovetail Games
    is responsible for train, flight and fishing simulation games and is
    developing for PC and leading consoles.

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    1. cobalt's Avatar
      cobalt -
      Is it now possible to drive a train from New York City to Boston? This is the 800-pound gorilla of missing routes in MSTM -- really incomprehensible after all these years of route development!
      If the answer is yes, I will certainly purchase the new Steam version. Otherwise I will keep waiting ...
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