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    Siskiyou route

    Owner Dale Rickert would like to announce that the Siskrail.org web site is back online. The site is the home of the Siskiyou Route, which is free for all to download and enjoy. The route is designed specifically for use with OpenRails.


    1. SD40-2's Avatar
      SD40-2 -
      Dale, you have my congrats, keep up the good work.
    1. lateagain's Avatar
      lateagain -
      Good to see your project back online. Thanks for the work.
    1. claudie's Avatar
      claudie -
      Welcome back,Dale.
    1. dmrick's Avatar
      dmrick -
      Dale here... Just stopped by to say, "Much thanks to everyone." Wanted everyone to know how things are going... I had over 1,600 visits on Sunday and another 1,600 visits on Monday. All of that makes going back to work on the Route worth the effort. A sincere thanks to the folks at TrainSim, Elvas Tower, and OpenRails for getting the word out. Hope to see you at http://www.siskurail.org...
    1. ggjmach1's Avatar
      ggjmach1 -
      Started at Springfield Jnct....tied up at Wheeler...so far..:"))

      Nice job Dale
    1. derekmorton's Avatar
      derekmorton -
      ************************************************** ******************************************
      ************************************************** ******************************************
      ** The Siskiyou Route obtained these engines from Parker Boots, who in turn received them
      ** from Danny Beck, who released them for public use saying that they can be used in any
      ** way except for commercial profit.
      ************************************************** ******************************************
      ** From: Danny Beck <dbeck1138@gmail.com>
      ** Date: Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 1:05 AM
      ** To: Parker Boots <tycoonk4@gmail.com>
      ** These files are not for resale or individual profit in any way but feel free to reskin
      ** and share! Thanks for your support over the years!*** Take care!
      ************************************************** ******************************************
      ** Hey, everyone! Long time no see! So let me get right to it... this has been a tough
      ** decision to make but I am going to make available (for free) some work that I did for
      ** SLI. It has been over 2 years since I have received payment for the work I completed.
      ** And my models continue to be used and re-used without the compensation that was agreed
      ** upon. Not trying to air out dirty laundry - just giving a back story and explain the
      ** reason for this. The stipulations of our agreement were that I maintain the rights to my
      ** work but SLI has the right to sell the work as well... So I am taking the work I did and
      ** giving it away. I'm not get paid anyway.
      ** I won't be uploading the files here though. Just PM me and let me know what you want! The
      ** files won't contain physics files or sounds. Just the model and textures.
      ** I will also be making available the work that I did for MSTS2 (that SLI is also currently
      ** selling without notifying me or compensation)... just need to get the models exported.
      ** I have no other recourse as my attempts to contact SLI has gone unanswered.
      ** Thanks and happy new year!
      ** And just so I am clear and to reiterate - I do have the rights to do with these models
      ** whatever I wish. I'm not saying SLI wasn't given permission to sell and redistribute them,
      ** I just have not been payed as agreed. And I am only offering the MSTS export files.
      ** Not source files.
      ************************************************** ******************************************
      ************************************************** ******************************************
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