• Run8 V3 Released

    Run8 V3 Released

    Run 8 Train Simulator v3 includes UP-BNSF Mojave Subs, Barstow-Yermo,
    and the BNSF Needles Sub!

    Included Routes and Features

    • Version 3 is compatiable with version 1 and version 2 content!

    • UP-BNSF Mojave Sub - Includes Tehachapi Pass and the Palmdale cutoff betwen Mojave and Hiland

    • Barstow-Yermo Yards - Includes working hump at Barstow with retarder brake squeal sounds.

    • BNSF Needles Sub

    • Includes a cool new shadow system.

    • Includes new environmental lighting and weather systems (clouds, rain, snow, thunderstorms, and fog).

    • Includes smart AI locomotive engineers that obey signal indications and track speeds.

    • Includes a new smart AI Otto dispatching system.

    • Includes a new AI Humping system.

    • Includes an improved track and switch system (looks mobetta).

    • Includes the ability to create a true train simulator world by being able to merge routes with new routes such as the BNSF Cajon Sub, BNSF Seligman Sub, BNSF Bakersfield Sub, BNSF San Bernardino Sub, Lonepine, and Arvin Branches.

    • Includes working defect detectors which produce actual random defects to fix.

    • Includes accurate signal systems and dispatcher boards for routing player and AI train movements.

    • Extensive help documentation.


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      shiva2204 -
      Wonderful! Looking forward for it