• Run8Studios Releases Roseville Sub Route

    Run8Studios Releases Roseville Sub route

    Run8 SP-UP Roseville Sub Route Summary:

    The SP-UP Roseville Sub covers over 200 miles of "mountain railroading" at its best between J.R. Davis Yard in Roseville, CA to Sparks Yard just east of Reno, NV.

    Route Features

    • JR Davis Classification Yard complete with AI Humping
    • Colfax Yard
    • Truckee Yard
    • Sparks Terminal/Yard
    • 70 industries
    • 2 Local Operations including the famous Rocklin Rocket
    • Numerous Yard Jobs
    • 6 Amtrak Station Stops
    • And Much Much More

    Local Operations

    The Roseville Sub has been set up to handle 2 locals:

    • LRR62 – Also known as the Rocklin Rocket. Built in Roseville Yard, it serves industries to the north of Roseville on the Valley Sub, and industries to the east of Roseville on the Roseville Sub.
    • LRA61 – Built in Sparks Yard. The local serves industries in and around Reno and Sparks.
    • Also numerous yard jobs in Roseville and Sparks.

    Passenger Operations

    The Roseville Sub sees roughly 8 passenger trains daily. California Zephyr trains 5 and 6. Coast Starlight trains 11 and 14. Capitol Corridor trains that run between Auburn,CA and Sacramento, CA.

    Operational Considerations

    In order to prevent issues with AI spawning too long of trains on the route, we have setup special 5300 ft. spawn points at the ends of the route at Elkhorn, Valley Sub, Sutro, and Hafed. Check out the traffic file in the AI Spawning menu.