• TrainSim World 2 Roadmap

    TrainSim World 2 Roadmap

    As we move into summer, we have a similarly British Summer surprise
    for you coming from Rivet Games – as part of this Roadmap, we’ve asked
    the team at Rivet to tell you a little more about it.

    Also, we have good news on the Xbox ‘Jackhammer’ Audio issue, an
    update on other things we’re working on, an introduction to a new
    member of the team, and a special Development Deep Dive talking about
    how we develop gameplay for our routes. Enjoy!

    What's Changed This Month?

    As we announced earlier, the Island Line 2022: BR Class 484 Add-on from Rivet Games will be coming to Train Sim World 2 on July 19th. Read on below to find out more from the Rivet team about the project – whilst you can find all the important details


    Various items have been removed from the Roadmap as they’ve been
    released, including the Xbox Jackhammer fix, Great Western Express,
    West Somerset Railway, and Northern Trans-Pennine Preservation Crew
    releases, and batch 1 of the Livery Designer logo decals.