• TSW3 - Bahnstrecke Bremen-Oldenburg Released

    TSW3 - Bahnstrecke Bremen-Oldenburg Released

    Train Sim World 3: Bahnstrecke Bremen – Oldenburg is out now -
    available as a route Add-on! Master the Electrics, both new and
    familiar, with the introduction of the BR 110.3 and n-Wagen as well as
    the newly liveried BR 425 EMU and BR 155 locomotive.

    Enter a vibrant and busy route between the cities of Bremen and
    Oldenburg, where a variety of services can be operated. Make use of
    the much-requested n-Wagen rolling stock, pushed and pulled by the DB
    BR 110.3 through the use of the n-Wagen cab car. Local EMU services in
    a newly liveried BR 425 can be operated between Bremen and Hude and
    the familiar BR 155, in an all-new PRESS livery, hauls freight across
    the length of this scenic line.

    Two major stations on the German railway network are recreated at
    each end of the line and players will see a number of unique and
    distinctive landmarks, particularly on the approach to Oldenburg. For
    the first time in Train Sim World, an animated lift bridge and
    customisable barge appear in a route, with the latter available in
    Livery Editor to add some personal flair to the scenery.

    But the fun doesn’t stop there. Players of previously purchased
    Train Sim World Compatible routes can take advantage of the various
    service layers using rolling stock from other German route add-ons,
    including Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel-Würzburg from Train Sim World 3
    Standard and Deluxe Editions.

    The all-new features from Train Sim World 3 - Dynamic weather,
    volumetric skies and new lighting - all come to Bahnstrecke Bremen –
    Oldenburg along with functionality with the Training Center, in order
    to get used to operating the new BR 110.3