• TSW3 - Birmingham Cross-City - Out Now

    TSW3 = Birmingham Cross-City - Out Now

    Train Sim World 3: UK Birmingham Starter Pack and the Birmingham
    Cross-City route add-on are out now! Take control of the Class 323
    along 37 miles of route through the West Midlands and past the
    landmarks of its suburban landscape.

    Jump into Train Sim World 3 with the standalone UK Birmingham
    Starter Pack, featuring the Training Center route as well as
    Birmingham Cross-City: Lichfield – Bromsgrove & Redditch. No previous
    Train Sim World purchases are required and players of Train Sim World
    2 can continue with their favourite routes as Train Sim World
    Compatible content! Those with Train Sim World 2: Southeastern
    Highspeed will also gain free access to Southeastern Highspeed –
    Extended by upgrading to Train Sim World 3 via the UK Birmingham
    Starter Pack. Similarly, Train Sim World 2 players with Spirit of
    Steam will receive an updated version of the route for free with
    additional weather and lighting features.

    Those Train Sim World 3 features, including dynamic weather and
    volumetric skies, bring the area around Britain’s second city to life,
    along with the inclusion of local landmarks. Bournville showcases some
    unique station elements found at the home of the Cadbury’s Chocolate
    Factory and the newly refurbished University Station (the only
    dedicated station for a University in Britain) is fully recreated,
    despite the fact that it has yet to be completed! There are also three
    sets of locally-themed collectibles to hunt down – can you find them

    The Class 323 arrives into Train Sim World 3 in West Midlands
    Railway livery and its distinctive traction motor sounds. Players can
    take a seat in the cab and head into the Training Center to get up to
    speed with the controls, or dive straight into the route and the dense
    commuter timetable between all 25 stations. There’s also a host of
    additional services for those with Train Sim World Compatible content,
    including the recently released RHTT ‘Railhead Treatment Train’.