• Train Sim World 3: Game Update - November 8th

    Train Sim World 3: Game Update - November 8th

    We have our next series of post-release improvements as we approach
    the release of Birmingham: Cross-City, our first new route since the
    launch of TSW3! This update brings a range of performance
    enhancements, stuttering reductions, UI fixes and further scenario
    medal experience adjustments to allow more gold medals to be

    Thank you all for continuing your feedback, we will keep improving
    Train Sim World 3 to be the best it can be with more updates to


    Firstly, for our players on Steam, we’ve removed your fast-track
    ticket out of the game – you will no longer experience a crash when
    exiting to desktop.


    We’ve implemented a fix that should reduce game-wide
    micro-stuttering to make the experience as smooth as possible. The
    team has also removed points of lag in certain conditions, such as
    instantly rotating the camera when loading into a route as well as
    during the Shop Class scenario on Cajon Pass, coupling the two
    ES44C4's together should no longer momentarily pause the game.

    The DB Dopplestock will also no longer massively impact performance
    when having the headlights activated – You may now safely and
    smoothly, go into the night.


    We’ve fixed an error so LZB should no longer jump down in distance
    in the middle of a ride. If you continue to experience issues after
    this patch, let us know on our forums.

    Fixed Achievements

    Further adjustments have been made to the required experience of
    medals across various routes to allow for gold medals to be
    achievable. This patch includes the 1938 Heritage Tube Stock
    Introduction on the Bakerloo line, S-Bahn Shutdown Scenario and Wash
    and Go Scenario on München-Augsburg and the Cane Creek