• Train Simulator: E60 Electric Locomotive

    Train Simulator: E60 Electric Locomotive

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    The Pro Range is aimed toward the serious train simulation enthusiast looking for a complex machine to master. Each product is designed to provide education and entertainment for users. Xbox controller and HUD interface support do not come as standard and users will need to read the accompanying documentation to fully understand the operation of this advanced simulation.

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    The massive and powerful General Electric E60 electric, born during the formative years of Amtrak and employed also by NJ TRANSIT, now comes to Train Simulator Classic through the superb creativity of developer Reppo!

    At Amtrak’s formation in 1971, the passenger carrier’s electrified Northeast Corridor was entrusted almost exclusively to a gallant fleet of veteran ex-Pennsylvania Railroad GG1s, the survivors of which had been built decades earlier by PRR’s own Altoona shops, Baldwin, and General Electric. Also in Amtrak service were the pioneering Budd-built, General Electric-motored Metroliners.

    It might have been expected that General Electric would play a role in Amtrak’s goal to replace the railroad’s aging GG1, and so it was. During 1973, Amtrak ordered 26 GE E60s, which were six-axle, 6,000-horsepower electrics that weighed in at more than 365,000 pounds. That such a beast of a locomotive would be chosen for passenger service had much to do with the fact that the design was modified from a freight locomotive – GE’s E60 had been first built for the coal-hauling Black Mesa & Lake Powell Railroad. With Amtrak amidst its transition from steam-heated equipment to HEP, the order for E60s was split between steam-generator and HEP-equipped units (the former would all eventually be converted to HEP).

    Not surprisingly, the E60 is passenger service struggled from its excess weight and related tracking issues. After the arrival of the EMD/ASEA AEM-7 electrics (which began in 1979), Amtrak began selling its E60s, including ten units sold to NJ TRANSIT in 1984. Nonetheless, thirteen Amtrak E60s were rebuilt (and renumbered from the 900-series to the 600-series) and remained in Amtrak service into 2002. The ten ex-Amtrak E60s sold to NJ TRANSIT worked primarily on the railroad’s busy North Jersey Coast Line route and remained in service until 1998. Two GE E60s (one Amtrak and one NJ TRANSIT) have been preserved.

    As created for Train Simulator Classic by Reppo, the E60 is featured in Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT liveries and variants. The Amtrak edition represents the 600-series rebuilt E60s which operated as late as 2002 and is accompanied by a beautiful all-new rendition of Amtrak’s landmark Amfleet 1 coach and café car in attractive Phase III livery. The E60 features authentic controls and is provided in running and “cold & dark” configurations. Four career scenarios, including two each on the Train Simulator Classic NEC: New York-New Haven Route and North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines Route (routes available separately), put the potent and husky E60 to work in realistic and challenging Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT services.

    The E60 experience now awaits you in Train Simulator Classic!


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    1. Tailterrier27's Avatar
      Tailterrier27 -
      I bought this addon. Reppo did an excellent job with the E60CP. The model looks great, the sounds are pretty good. I only wish there had been a set of Budd cars in Ph III including in the pack, or at the very least some new Amfleets