• Train Simulator: Euro BR 159 Electro-Diesel Released

    Train Simulator: Euro BR 159 Electro-Diesel Released

    Get up to speed dual-mode style with RSSLO’s striking Euro BR 159

    As electrification became more and more popular with European and
    global rails, so too did electric traction. Unrivalled power and
    efficiency put electric locos far ahead of diesel
    counterparts. However, the solution was not as simple for companies to
    just replace their whole fleets. Many lines are too rural to warrant
    the wires, others get tangled in freight logistics; suffice to say,
    diesel motive power was still necessary.

    Owning and maintaining multiple fleets was often costly and
    inconvenient, and so manufacturers from around the world started
    innovating by combining the two technologies into one. For many years,
    electro-diesel locomotives have had the ability to draw electricity
    directly via the wires or generate power with on-board diesel

    As rail technology has improved, so too has the versatility of
    dual-mode locomotives such as the BR 159. With more powerful engines
    able to be fitted in electro-diesels, capable of working under load
    while working off the wires or while revving its engines, the BR 159
    makes easy work of freight traffic no matter the rail network.

    Modern and striking, the BR 159 makes a bold appearance wherever it
    goes, and you can put it to good work on all manners of routes in
    Train Simulator!