• Tehachapi Pass Scenario Pack 02 Released

    Tehachapi Pass Scenario Pack 02 Released

    Tehachapi Pass Scenario Pack 02, from accomplished developer High
    Iron Simulations, brings dynamic and contemporary Union Pacific and
    BNSF railroading to the popular Train Simulator Classic Tehachapi Pass
    route with ten new and highly authentic career scenarios.

    Spun over and through the daunting Tehachapi Mountains of
    California, the Tehachapi Pass route was constructed by the Southern
    Pacific, opened in 1876, and connects the arid Mojave Desert with
    California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. In 1899, via a trackage
    rights arrangement, the Santa Fe Railway (AT&SF) also began operations
    on the Tehachapi Pass line. In the 1990s, Southern Pacific merged into
    Union Pacific and Santa Fe merged with Burlington Northern to form
    BNSF and today the route is Union Pacific’s busy Mojave Subdivision
    and is a bustling tonnage and intermodal artery for rail giants Union
    Pacific and BNSF.

    With Tehachapi Pass Scenario Pack 02, you’ll experience realistic
    and challenging intermodal, manifest freight, unit-train, local, and
    switching operations, and you’ll take the controls of five types of
    modern diesel locomotives to battle tonnage and the steep Tehachapi
    Mountain grades.