• Just Trains - U-Bahn Hamburg U1 for Train Simulator

    U-Bahn Hamburg U1 for Train Simulator

    Drive all 55 km of the Hamburg U-Bahn's U1 line in a Type DT5 train!

    The new U-Bahn Hamburg U1 expansion for Train Simulator is now on sale.

    This new route provides the full length of Hamburg's 55-kilometre
    U-Bahn U1 line and its 47 stations along with a drivable Type DT5
    train which features a fully operational onboard computer, automatic
    announcements, manual door controls, authentic train sounds and video
    transmission from platform cameras while the train is at a

    A number of AI trains are included along with three Standard
    scenarios, two Free Roams and four Quick Drives. The route is Quick
    Drive enabled.

    Explore the many varied districts of Germany's second-largest city!