• Train Sim World Winter Survey

    Train Sim World Winter Survey

    Welcome to the Train Sim World Winter Survey 2022-23. Veteran players of Train Sim World will be familiar with our surveys which we run from time to time in order to get a better understanding of our players.

    The survey for Train Sim World is an important part of the development process. In any given week we get information from a broad range of sources about where we're doing well and where there's room for improvement. This information comes from an eclectic range of sources; from the individual platforms and within the game itself we'll get the raw numbers of who is playing what and for how long. This gives us a solid understanding of which routes, timetables, trains and services are particularly resonating with players. Obviously, this data skews heavily toward the latest releases and routes that are included in the core game, but we're on the lookout for anomalous or outlying stats that tell us where something is going right or wrong.

    Next, obviously enough are the sales figures for new add-on releases. This gives us a broad indication of how appealing an individual release might be, and then in subsequent sales or other discount periods we can build further understanding of the add-on. Maybe it didn't quite appeal enough to be snapped up at release, maybe early feedback led to a sense of "wait and see" from players. By paying attention to this information we can improve the types and ranges of add-ons we release in the future because, obviously, we want to make the routes and trains that you're most interested in playing.

    Feedback and suggestions add a critical additional piece of this puzzle. You're definitely not backward in telling us what you think, and this level of insight can go a long way to explain why the raw numbers we get from other sources are the way they are. Whether you're commenting on a live stream, getting in touch via social media or submitting an in-depth route suggestion on the forums the quality of explanation you give for individual opinion gives us clear insight into what's exciting you and what's leaving you a little underwhelmed.

    This is where the survey comes in.

    It allows us to get comments from more players who typically leave their opinions via the forums or social media while simultaneously matching those opinions to the platform data we get independently. We're also then able to ask bigger, more wide-ranging questions to get a stronger understanding of which way we should take the franchise in the future. Creative tools and the Training Center are just two of the features that have been introduced as a direct result of your survey responses in the past. The survey enables us to tie all those other pieces of information together so that we can make the smartest possible choices when looking into the longer term of Train Sim World.

    Simply put, it's your best opportunity to tell us where we should go next.

    Click here to take this winter's Train Sim World survey