• Trainz Simulator News Update 2023

    Trainz News

    Welcome to our first news update for 2023.

    We're looking forward to yet another record year for Trainz with memberships and active users now at all-time highs and we're fast approaching 2,000,000 posts on the Trainz forums.

    The Trainz Plus Alpha testing has provided us with tons of feedback and the team are working through the long list of bugs and feature requests. We'll be releasing an update in the coming weeks once we've resolved the key issues.

    To ensure we make the next official Trainz Plus release as good as possible, we're now focusing totally on HD Terrain and will push the Trainz Living Railroad prototype out to the following release.

    New Preview Pass

    This week in Preview Pass we have the ANR DL Class Australian National locomotives pack from Barisbeer and the DB Uaai Low-Loader Flatcar from 3DZug!

    ANR DL Class Australian National Locomotives Pack

    Built between 1988 and 1990, the DL class locomotives were designed for use on both passenger trains (particularly the Indian Pacific and the Ghan) and freight trains, these locos could be seen across Australian National's standard gauge network from Adelaide to Broken Hill, Alice Springs, and Kalgoorlie.

    DB Uaai Low-Loader Flatcar

    This freight car was designed for large-volume and heavy transport of goods that would not comply with the usable space on normal freight cars. The Uaai has 4 axles per bogie and is loaded with various goods such as transformers or other large components.

    PreviewPass is a 2 week early access for all Trainz Plus Gold members, these DLC packs will become available for purchase after the 2 week PreviewPass, and available through the Content Vault for Trainz Plus Gold members.

    New Releases

    This week we are pleased to announce that the new Indian Pacific passenger train and Pro Train Brocken Railway route from 3DZug are now available for purchase through the Trainz Store, Steam Store, and Mac AppStore, and for download for TrainzPlus Gold members!

    The Indian Pacific

    Spanning Australia, the Indian Pacific running from East to West, and the Ghan from North to South, are Australia's two transcontinental passenger trains. Jump aboard with custom interiors in the ARL and BRJ type carriages, and enjoy the journey!

    Pro Train Brocken Railway

    Experience the historic meter-gauge Brockenbahn on PC. Since 1898, the Brocken has thus been accessible by rail - with the exception of the border division between the BRD and the GDR - and is today almost exclusively driven by steam locomotives. With a length of 19 km and 50 minutes of driving time, this scenic route offers a lot of fun.

    The official TRAINZ website: trainzsimulator.com

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