• Run8 HRS CSX Fitzgerald Sub

    Run8 HRS CSX Fitzgerald Sub

    Requires Run8 v3.

    CSX Fitzgerald Sub Route Summary

    Located in the heart of central Georgia, the Fitzgerald Subdivision
    is one of CSX's most vital arteries in the Southeast, linking Southern
    Georgia and Florida to the Midwest, including Atlanta, Birmingham,
    Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, and St. Louis, to name just a few major

    The Fitzgerald subdivision's northern end starts at the busy crew
    change point of Manchester, Georgia, which is also where the Lineville
    Subdivision from Birmingham and the Manchester Subdivision from
    Atlanta both merge into one single track line. The route then heads
    south, 220 miles, through several central Georgia towns, including
    Oglethorpe, Cordele, and Fitzgerald, to name just a few, before
    finally ending at the busy Waycross terminal in South Georgia.

    The time period for the Fitzgerald Sub is set in the early 2000s,
    which was an extremely busy time for the route with multiple coal
    trains still heading to the Florida power plants as well as the usual
    freight, intermodal, molting sulfur, phosphate, rock, and autorack
    trains. This was also a time period where there was less line
    capacity, which always made for a challenging day for the Fitzgerald
    Subdivision dispatcher.

    Route Features

    • Over 220 Miles of Mainline Operations

    • Fitzgerald Yard

    • Oglethorpe Yard

    • Manchester Yard

    • 49 industries

    • 7 Road and Local Operations

    • Fitzgerald Sub Track Chart (in User Guide Folder)

    • Fitzgerald Locals and Industries Document (in Use Guide Folder)

    • And Much Much More


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