• We've Moved.....

    Trainsim.com is running on new servers as of Sunday evening.

    This marks the final step in a long process of separating Flightsim and Trainsim's technical infrastructure, management and support resources.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding thru some of the cutover activity the past two weeks.

    While we weren't able to avoid a small outage during the migration, the planning and testing helped to reduce it to under two hours.
    1. EricF's Avatar
      EricF -
      Nice work! I popped on this morning just to check for any news before the expected Monday cutover and discovered this announcement instead. Moving any system can have its nail-biting moments no matter how much you prepare -- Sounds like all the careful prep really paid off.
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Nice work, Eric. I'm glad to see that TrainSim.Com will go on under the control of people interested in trains.
    1. landnrailroader's Avatar
      landnrailroader -
      Having been a CADD manager at CSX before retiring in 2001, I can fully appreciate the efforts put in on this "cut over". Nels, you did a great job of keeping up the old site and I guess Eric is the new guy on the hot seat. Whatever, I wish the new site manager well.
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