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    Various screenshots with no particular theme...

    Thread Starter: mword77

    ... from Cajon and Sea View

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    Some of my best catches

    Thread Starter: ebnertra000

    I have plenty of these images of some good stuff I've seen, and I thought I would let someone else maybe enjoy them, too. I'll start with some of...

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    Model Roadroad

    Thread Starter: DragonHaert

    Wanted to share my Videos of my layout in the building progress, This Videos may help you with your projects and give ideas.

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    C&nw 1385

    Thread Starter: ahat8923

    I decided to make a model of CNW 1385, one of those many amazing classic steam engines still around This is a picture of her, she has been...

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    CP 990 - Oil train storage run

    Thread Starter: geepster775

    Finally got this Open Rails demonstration activity for the Mactier route finished and out to testers. It is strong on new Open Rails features....

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    How to install .ap files

    Thread Starter: oakpalms

    I have tried the utility that comes with Train Simulator and I have the very latest version of RW_tools. I am doing great unpacking the .rwp files,...

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    New "activities" for the route.

    Thread Starter: traingp7

    Has anyone made more activities for the route. I'm done playing the few that came with it and want more. Is it hard to make them that no one has...

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    Waycross Teaser

    Thread Starter: SCL-A-Line

    Here is a small teaser of Waycross the scenery is still a WIP Scenery in the Working 64 track hump bowl at Rice Yard is still in progress

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    Punjab Route ?

    Thread Starter: ftldave

    Today the "MSTS Punjab V1 Route Final Patch" was uploaded to the File Library. Anyone figure out what route it's really intended to patch? No Punjab...

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    HUD Display

    Thread Starter: Claude350

    How can I disable the HUD display in the lower right corner or is that not possible.

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