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    Various screenshots with no particular theme...

    Thread Starter: mword77

    ... from Cajon and Sea View

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    MSTS on Windows 10 - Confirmed

    Thread Starter: EricF

    For the curious, MSTS does indeed install and run on Windows 10. Tested on a Core2 Duo laptop with Intel Mobile 945 graphics. (Yes, it's an old...

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    Robert Fontaine's GE P42DC's sound terrible (probably not his fault!!)

    Thread Starter: markyisri

    I downloaded Robert Fontaine's P42DC's recently. Extremely nice quality and correct colors, unlike NALW's (EDIT: only the Phase V ones are bad)! ...

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    Coaster and Metrolink Bombardier Cab-Cars will not load.

    Thread Starter: Caltrain12

    Hello, I am trying to use the Coaster and Metrolink bombardier cab-cars in Openrails, with both Patrick Lopez's original mod, and the new mcupdate....

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    Show me yours !

    Thread Starter: rosssweet

    My local station.

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    NEC and NALW File Installation Errors

    Thread Starter: BMangus

    Hello Everyone, I'm getting back into MS Train Sim after many years away and am busy downloading and installing all the files I can remember from...

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    Death Valley Railroad

    Thread Starter: dforrestc

    I see Brian Smolke's Death Valley Railroad is available for download. Has anyone any recommendations for suitable stock?

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    NW 2156

    Robert Fontaine's Genesis Models?

    Thread Starter: NW 2156

    Evening, As some already know I like to collect older MSTS models. Right now I am trying to track down anyone who has all of Robert Fontaine's...

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    R. Steele

    C&NW Ada Cement Plant Switching

    Thread Starter: R. Steele

    Ada Cement Plant Switching Route: Cascade&North Western - CNW0001.zip thru CNW0008.zip Activity: c&nw-ae4-10r - Ada Cement Plant Switching...

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