1. Jacobchgo9
    Oh the fascination
  2. plainsman
    When I was 3 or 4, my dad would take me down to the watertower, where the Burlington steam locomotive refilled, and I would get to ride in the cab as they switched the local cattle yard and the farm produce. My grandmother would take me for a hour long ride on the Doodlebug. An hour wasn't very far, they didn't go very fast (30-40 mph with 2 stops). I got to see the huge N&W mallets working as a kid as well, and rode the NEC behind two GG1s back in about 1952. My uncle lived in Baltimore, and he took me down to Washington. It was so much faster than the Doodlebug. I remember watching the first GP7 on the Burlington line I lived near. They ran a few months, then went back to steam for about one more year.
  3. Jacobchgo9
    I know I got to ride in the CAB-CAR of a Commuter Train from Western Springs to Chicago In the cab
  4. wooohooo
    I've been fascinated my whole life.
  5. Jacobchgo9
    N&W 611
    Milw 261
    N&W 1218
    C&O 612
    These Engines Will never be gone
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