Metra Route Planning

  1. scfe_fan
    Ok guys I'm trying to be organized for once and plan out every detail of this route before a single tile is created. Right now I'm planning who is going to do what on the route. Since its not an official company and this is all volunteer, I'm giving everybody their pick of assignments. So who wants to do what? Right now I'm concentrating on research and custom object creation. More research than anything. Let me know.
  2. qballbandit
    I am compiling a library of terrtex and vegetation (freeware) to use when ready form my upgrades. I will have a set for summer, fall, winter, and bare trees.
    Since I know nothing of route building (I only upgrade others creations) I will need to take my direction from you if you want my assistance with anything else along the way.
    My e-mail address is [email protected]
    My daytime office number is 847-285-6550 if you ever need to call me during the day (Mon-Fri).
    Did I see Shawn sign up for a piece of this? If so, how nice. Shawn is a stand-up guy!
  3. scfe_fan
    OK so Metra322 is building his two lines, one coming out of Union Station, the other coming out of Ogilvie, and has agreed to work with us on this, so how bout we start on the Rock Island District since thats the only line that uses the La Salle St. Station? It would mean that we wouldn't have to dead-end any additional tracks coming out of La Salle? Let me know what you think guys. BTW, does anybody want to volunteer to do the terrain? I can't really afford to buy Demex. I have started modeling some of the buildings in downtown Chicago though. Once I get a few done exported to .s, I will upload some screens of them.
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