Request for a 4 Lens Restricting Signal ( [from top] Green,Yellow,Lunar,Red )

  1. REFJR
    Can someone please make a signal like shown in the photo below:
    (with it setup to co-exist with all of the other exsisting MSTS signals,
    ie unique .ace, .s, .sd names and a unique name within sigcfg)

    Also if possible,

    I would like 2 separate hood styles like in: - MSTS USA2BSIGNAL Replacements With Snow Hoods (Name it "USA03R-SH" ?) - MSTS USA2 Route Replacement Signal Graphics (Name it "USA03R" ?)
  2. jovet
    This is a CSXT modern colorlight. I have started a set of signals matching this design (See: #16) but they are not completed and I have not begun writing programing for them.

    What, exactly, are you wanting this signal model to do on your route? Please feel free to email me directly through my trainsim profile to discuss.
  3. REFJR

    It was hard to discribe in words so I made a photo:

  4. jovet
    I'm not sure where you're going with that there aspect chart. Are you making up your own? There are several aspects that are missing and a few that aren't true to prototype operations.

    The rules for the pictured CSXT signal can be found here: CSXT Signal Rules
  5. REFJR
    What I am looking for is a 4 lamp version of the MSTS default BNSF signals
    (with a lunar signal instead of a flashing red for restricting etc, also it dosent have to be exactly
    like in real life as long as it works with the other BNSF signals)

    But if there is a true to real life CSX 4-lamp signal than that would be ok, as I am
    bored with the default MSTS signals.
  6. jovet
    Quote: REFJR
    But if there is a true to real life CSX 4-lamp signal than that would be ok, as I am
    bored with the default MSTS signals.

    Probably because the default MSTS signals--all of them--are awful. As in: don't waste your time with them. There are plenty of fine replacements around by myself and Hank and a few others!
  7. REFJR
    As per your CSXT Signal Rules Pdf link

    1281 - Clear
    1281-B - Approach Limited
    1281-C - Limited Clear
    1281-D - Limited Approach
    1282 - Approach Medium
    1282-A - Advance Approach
    1283 - Medium Clear
    1283-A - Medium Approach Medium
    1283-B - Medium Approach Slow
    1283-B - Medium Advance Approach
    1284 - Approach Slow
    1285 - Approach
    1286 - Medium Approach
    1287 - Slow Clear
    1287-A - Slow Approach Slow
    1288 - Slow Approach
    1290 - Restricting
    1290-A - Restricting , Straight through switch(es)
    1290-B - Restricting , Right through switch(es)
    1290-C - Restricting , Left through switch(es)
    1292 - Stop

    to simplify the signal would have 3 heads w/ 4 lamps on each head (Green, Yellow, Lunar, Red)
  8. jovet
    REFJR: Are you attempting to adapt your own signal system based on the CSX signal system? Restricting aspects usually are not arranged to depict "left" or "right" divergences. Though, a lunar white on the topmost head would usually imply there is no divergence.
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