Audio (Engine, Horn, Bell, etc)

  1. SantaFebuff
    I've always enjoyed a good horn sound. Here are a few suggestions when making one.
    - Cross-fading is a huge must for looping, though you can do it without it, the cross-fade really help normalize the sound of the horn into a smoother loop.
    - Watch the volume! Whenever testing a new horn out, try to compare it's volume to those of the real deal. If the horn on the locomotive drowns out the engine, then ensure your's does too. Always look into an engine sound that is too loud, those can hinder the horn's drowning characteristic.

    Trainz only:

    Look at my tutorial on the Auran Forums for extra information particularly on how to form the audio files used and get them organized with the config.

    As for RailWorks, I haven't really gotten to mess with that simulator, hence why this is a public group! Anyone can add on, and anyone can comment.

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