Favorite types of signals

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  1. jovet
    What are your favorite types of signals?

    Mine are semaphores, anything strange and unusual, CPLs, and stacked colorlights.
  2. pete8_us
    Mine gotta be searchlights.Grew up along the B&M and MEC railroads here in Maine and thats all they used.I also like the NYC style searchlights used on the Chicago Line west of Selkirk.
  3. rdg7600
    Mine (In no particular order)
    B&O CPL's
    N&W/PRR Position lights.
    RDG banjo signals.
    Newer RDG single target lights and tri-color lights.
  4. jcbundy
    I guess my favorite signals are the ones I grew up learning about: Southern Railway's color-light signals. The N & W position-light signals are a close second. Unfortunately, those are all going the way of the dinosaurs as NS replaces them with the "Darth Vaders".
  5. Claude350
    The tri-color and vertical lights.
  6. jovet
    The local Zoo has a fantastic US&S (Style S, I believe) semaphore so I've been spoiled to have that nearby. Unfortunately, they don't take care of it or the rest of the train signaling equipment like they used to.
  7. rdamurphy
    I dunno why, but signals with snow hoods just really turn me on. I've been trying to get my wife to wear a snow-hooded-signal suit, but so far, nada!

  8. JLChauvin
    I am working now on the old French signal code called "code 1885".
    They are all mechanical one with a combination of semaphores arms and "cockades".
  9. Richard
    I grew up with the PRR Position Light signals, the P&LE search light signals and the P&WV's color light signals. Personally I always preferred the PRR Position Light signals because the color of the lights did not mater, so you never had to learn goofy rules like "If it's not all red, then it's not red at all" I guess most signal enthusiasts already know the PRR position light signals were created to mimic semaphore signals.
  10. jovet
    The only signal design where the "If it's not all red, then it's not red at all" rule-of-thumb doesn't truly apply is Color-Position-Light signals.

    The origin of that rule-of-thumb is to point out how "red" or its equivalent is used as a placeholder. While original Position-Light signals don't have red, they still have the equivalent to "red" acting as a placeholder.

    CPLs are the only North American system to not have the "red as a placeholder" situation that some consider a problem.

    Nowadays the lack of distinguishing colors on the original Position-Light signals is often seen as a disadvantage, but in fact the chosen yellow color was very bright and could be seen much farther than any red-colored lamp. Colorizing the horizontal "stop" aspect red has never made much sense to me, since of all the aspects that is the one you would want to be seen the farthest away.
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