1. Dennis8162
    Come Here If you have rail3d.

    Rail 3d is a free Train simulator-The rail3d simulator Website http://www.rail3d.info/default.asp
  2. fleegle411
    I decided to try my hand at Rail3d, as I work with it, I'll share my experiences with you all.
  3. fleegle411
    I've worked with the program a fair bit, the biggest disapointment to me thus far is that there are no American steam locomotives available for the game. Creating you own route is easy enough once you figure out the basics. You can take control of a train or let the computer do that. The computer runs any train your not in direct control of, which can make it difficult to park a locomotive in a shed or roundhouse, but not impossible. The editing capabilities of the program are unique, I have worked with both the MSTS Route Editor and Trainz but Rail3d is unlike both.
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