Adding signals

  1. Fireman
    Currently, because of my origins, I am using english lower quadrant semaphores. To make it seem as if my Route is starting to be modernised I would like to add the JP1 signals. I get the sigcfg fil correct but not the sigscr. Can anyone help me here please?
  2. jovet
    The sigscr.dat files are usually the simple ones; the sigcfg.dat is the tricky one.
    Since you're dealing with default signaling, the "simple" solution is to just:
    1. Open the JAPAN1 sigscr.dat.
    2. Select it all and Copy it to the clipboard.
    3. Open your route's sigscr.dat.
    4. Position the caret at the end of the file and Paste the clipboard copy of the other file.
    5. Save your route's sigscr.dat file.
    6. Close both files.
  3. Fireman
    That worked thank you Jovet. However, I do have some files that I wish to edit out but have not succeeded. Can I send you the files as a private message please?
  4. jovet
    I do not believe you can send files through PMs, but feel free to email me through my profile and I can help you out.
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