OK, I gots a question!

  1. rdamurphy
    Westbound on Sherman, Main 1, 2, and 3 seperate, and just before the Hermosa Tunnel, Main 3 comes back into Main 2, and there are only 2 mains through the tunnels, and then Main 3 splits off again, and heads off by itself again.

    Here's my question: Just before the tunnel, where Main 3 joins Main 2, there are two crossovers. One to allow Main 2 trains to move over to Main 1, and then a second one PAST the switch from Main 3, that would allow a train to move from Main 3 to Main 2 and then on to Main 1.

    There are signals that are two light heads on top, three light heads on the bottom. Why?

    Why not the usual 3/3 arrangement? Are they assuming that all Westbound trains should move over to the right to go through the tunnel, and therefore the "normal" route is actually the "diverging" route?

  2. jovet
    Mmmmm...need more information. Got a track diagram? Where are these signals you're asking about (in relation to all of this)?
  3. rdamurphy
    I think I misinterpreted the picture I was looking at, I could only see the back side of the signal.

    In reality, it's track 3 rejoining track 2 and 1 at Hermosa, and track 3 ends there in a trailing switch. So, the signal is actually a fixed red over a 3 light head. Which makes sense, since it's a junction.

    Now, the problem I'm having is signals aren't clearing consistantly when you enter a block, reverse, and leave it. It works fine with my searchlight signals, but the 3 lights won't update. The scripts are identical, indeed, they're copy and pastes.

    It really doesn't matter, I suppose, and it may have something to do with an End of Track issue, since I haven't installed more than two sets of signals past there...

  4. jovet
    Some of those older 1-light colorlight heads have oblong targets so if you don't look close you can be fooled.

    The signals clear sometimes and not others, eh? MSTS does have a few quirks with signal updating sometimes. But make sure your route's TDB is okay, and that the signals are well away from pointing at any red poles. If it's noticeable that some particular signals have trouble updating, try selecting their track marker and dragging them down the track a tad.
  5. rdamurphy
    It makes perfect sense, though, I tried to make it "round" when I built it, and it wouldn't cooperate at all. Oval worked out pretty good, though.

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