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    New commercial provider in Germany

    Thread Starter: 213 001-1

    Hello everybody! From now on, there's a new commercial producer of activities for the MSTS. It's called "Fahrt frei" and offers activity-packages...

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    Scenes Without Trains - 2021

    Thread Starter: eolesen

    Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for years and years : ...

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    Any Route, Any Railroad, Any Era. ORTS Edition

    Thread Starter: defect_detector

    EWIR 4451 builds an ethanol train at Glendale before beginning its westward journey for the PNW.

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    Train Life A Railway Simulator.

    Thread Starter: haverfordwest


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    Dale's Sisku Route

    Thread Starter: phydeaux

    I'm having trouble getting to Dale Richart's Sisku route site. Is anybody else having trouble? Is it still www.siskurail.org?

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    Indian Route NCR v1

    Thread Starter: bootednancy

    Greetings: Hope I didn't upset anyone's dinner right now...BUT Can anyone tell what is with Lucknow - Kanpur Route (NCRV1_a.zip Route) by...

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    Silent Hunter 1 and 4

    Thread Starter: ragtimer

    I know this is nothing to do with trainsims,nut does anyone out there have (and still plays) Silent Hunter 1 ? I know it is old,but it has a certain...

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    Shape viewer for dds

    Thread Starter: asteph627

    Hi everyone I installed the shape viewer for dds but when viewing in conbuilder I get a message "Error 91 - Object variable or With block variable...

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    Mullan Pass Consists Query

    Thread Starter: niknak

    Hi guys. I've noticed that on the Mullan Pass route I can't add or change any of the consists - I'm using ConBuilder 2.4.9 which accepts the...

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    Forward turnout shadowing anomaly at night

    Thread Starter: qballbandit

    Hi, I have had an issue with OR and MG (on two different systems) where all forward turnouts - right or left, have a weird black shadow which...

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